CBT Online Training

During the next 12-18 months we will be offering

1.      CBT Online Training
2.      Self-Experiential CBT Program (SP/SR)





1. CBT Online Training

In 2014-15, we shall be offering two different online programs:

PRAXIS CBT online training – Basic to Intermediate CBT Level

OCTC online – Intermediate to Advanced CBT Practitioners


3. Self-Experiential CBT Program (SP/SR)

Self-practice/self-reflection (SP/SR) was developed by James Bennett-Levy as a new self-experiential training technique for CBT therapists. SP/SR has been trialled in a number of training programs around the world. Both inexperienced CBT trainees and advanced practitioners say that learning about CBT from the inside significantly enhances their practice (Bennett-Levy et al., 2001, 2003; and other recent studies)

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Mindful Self-Compassion Program



For practitioners wanting to learn self-compassion skills from the inside out.

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Compassion Focused Therapy



For practitioners looking to acquire core CFT skills.

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ACT with Compassion



For practitioners looking to integrate CFT with ACT strategies.

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Online CBT Training - from the comfort of your own home

Online CBT Training